If it looks designed…

July 13, 2008 at 10:46 pm (Uncategorized)

If it looks designed, maybe it is.

If it looks designed, maybe it is.

Or maybe you are just too stupid.  These people would like to sell you a throw featuring the bacterial flagellum, which are a pretty darned complex piece of kit that allow bacteria to move around.  But as explained here there is a perfectly sensible explanation for them, from origin to as we see them now.

Why are people arrogant enough to assume that because they don’t understand something, it is beyond understanding?  After over 6000 years of history, we still make the same mistakes.  Of course, thinking we understand something is an equally dangerous error: we should be always open to the possibility that we are wrong.  All people, including scientists, make both types of mistake – but science as a system is open to change, and Religion is not.  This is why religion should never have anything to do with science, and why it will keep being forced back into the realm of the unexplained. Its up to the individual to decide if God has a place for themselves – they should not use God to try to explain the world, nor science to disprove God.


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