Study hard, young space warrior

February 7, 2009 at 6:44 pm (Humour) (, , , , )

Yes, it has finally happened: you can take a course in Starcraft at University, for credit. And the best bit? Its not as ridiculous as it sounds.

There are some simple rules guiding computer games and these also apply in real life. For example, the ability to obtain resources is related to power, which is in turn related to how much resource you currently have. So the “rich get richer”. How this happens, and how this affects competition between warring sides, can be modelled mathematically using differential equations. Additionally, you can understand the “best” decision to make with mathematics. Since Starcraft has simpler rules than the real world, you can get fairly good answers – and test them against other strategies.

And you get to blow stuff up. At University. For credit.

In other awesome academic news, you can also take a course in pornography.


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