Lack of brain activity

July 29, 2008 at 9:49 pm (thinking) (, , , )

So the purpose of this blog, in a rough sense, was to give my brain something to think about.  I’ve noticed that compared to my Uni days, I spend a lot more time watching TV than I used to.  I also feel that I spend a lot less time thinking in a meaningful way.  Correlation or causation?

A lot has been written about Too Much TV Making You Stupid.  We KNOW this, from our very souls, anyone who ever read a newspaper or watches the news or just speaks to people knows this.  It is anecdotally evident that having the brain mildy activated seems to prevent it from trying to make its own entertainment, i.e. thinking.  Certainly regular brain activity prevents brain decay.  It seems plausible that I’m not stimulating my brain in the right way any more.

There are plenty of other reasons for feeling slow.  Maybe I get enough stimulation anyway from my research to get any more from this, and it really is an age effect? Or perhaps my youthful thoughts were, in fact, pretty stupid – and now I don’t need to go down those fruitless routes again?  Maybe its a nostalgia effect – I’m the same as I ever was, but I just don’t know it.  My favourite theory is that its the reduction in social interaction since moving to Aberdeen.  I have the feeling that most ideas are built in conversations, not in sitting quietly.  But I’m no expert – though I’ve read very little about this, I’m not convinced science knows much more than I do…

Anybody else managing to think as they get older?  Do you find your imagination limited to the same old thoughts you always have had, jokes that aren’t funny and never were, ideas that relate only very directly and practically to life?


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